The Story

It was 2008 when Eliyahu set off on his quest to find the recipe for the perfect hummus. On the way Eliyahu delved into the secrets of the best possible sesame and how it is actually transformed into 100% pure premium tahini. He pondered the importance of the ratio between tahini per golden chick-peas, he contemplated the differences between the different varieties of chick-peas, and what was the precise blend that would yield the elusive perfect hummus recipe. Eliyahu opened his first hummus eatery in Yokneam, a humble but big-hearted hummus joint. Indeed, as the old-timers would say, “when there’s room in the heart, there’s room in the home”. It’s no cliché. And so it was that the humble hummus joint became home to thousands of satisfied customers. The home-grown Israeli chick peas were freshly cooked daily to retain freshness, ground in front of the customers and blended with special tahini, olive oil and a secret mix of aromatic herbs. All this goodness was dished out alongside steaming-fresh Yemenite pita bread, raw onions, tomato and hot chili peppers.

Our Values

If you asked Eliyahu Shmueli, the man behind Hummus Eliyahu, what is the secret to this hummus magic, he’d doubtless recite his life-long credo – “love thy neighbour as thyself” (Leviticus 19, 18). That is how we approach the preparation of our hummus – with all the dedication and conviction that we are serving the best hummus ever. To make this promise a reality, we have perfected a fine-tuned preparation process, attending to the finest details and insisting only on the choicest ingredients.

We are committed to our customers. We serve our guests and provide a down-home atmosphere to guarantee no customer leaves hungry and we offer refills on our hummus and our proprietary lemonade.

When the eating’s done, we’ll be serving coffee and cookies – it’s all part of our tradition.



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